Strike's SWAT Kats Zone

The SK Zone

Founded by SWAT Kats fan Strike circa 1995, The SK Zone was the main SWAT Kats website on the internet for a decade. Strike retired from the SWAT Kats fandom circa 2005, and The SK Zone has since changed hands over the years, until it was officially absorbed by in 2011. While most of the content (especially Model Sheets) can be found on, organized under various criteria, The SK Zone still occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of SWAT Kats fans, and is presented here in Strike’s original format.

Some content such as the RPG and Fan Art Archive and some broken site mechanics are not in place. The Fan Art Archive has been run by Kristen Sharpe since 2005.

Strike has the distinction of being only one of two people to receive the SERVICE MEDAL for her fandom efforts.

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