All material appearing on this page is exclusive to Strike's SWAT Kats Zone. Please do not distribute (i.e., save and put on your own site.) Thank you!

SWAT Kats Animation Cel

    A.J. Freda has graciously scanned for me his SWAT Kats Mook animation cel- won by him in a contest held by Christian and Yvon Tremblay a while back. (What is around the edge is matboard, kept in the image to show their signatures.)
Main Model Sheets
    An entire set of main model sheets, with drawings and details of the major characters (and their vehicles and 'accessories') from the show. 
Seasons One and Two Openers, misc other movie files
    Realmovie versions of the season one and season two opening credits. Available in low quality and very high quality versions. Also available are many other popular movie files in several formats.
Play on SK Zone
    An interactive area of SK Zone with a few java games, the SNES rom, Choose Your Own Adventures, Quizzes, and Self-Tests.
Promotional Sheets
    Scannings from a promotional booklet sent out by Hanna-Barbera. Includes preliminary Tremblay drawings of T-Bone, Razor, Feral, Dr. Viper, and other characters from the show. Note: These aren't really "exclusives"- I just haven't seen them anyplace else recently. I can in no way claim these images, so if you want 'em, go right ahead.
Character Designs
    Some pencilled drawings by some anonymous production crewmember, featuring T-Bone, Razor, Aquians, and others: the three episodes represented seem to be Volcanus Erupts!, Mutation City, and When Strikes Mutilor.
Interview with Lance Falk
     Lance Falk, writer and character designer of SWAT Kats - and head writer, character designer, and associate producer of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, recently did an interview in Animtion Planet #2 - he has given me permission to post the original transcript of his interview sessions on my site.
Promotional Art
    A promotional drawing for a T-Shirt, for the Tremblay's most recent TV cartoon Mega Babies. Sent to me by the Christian and Yvon Tremblay, the creators of SWAT Kats. Mega Babies aired on Fox Family Channel.
Storyboard Art