On this page are links to many other SWAT Kats sites. I will give a short description of each, so you don't go looking at all the pages to find the one you want.

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SWATKats.com Web Forums Full-service message board with forums, moderators, and profiles. Already a huge hit.
SWAT Kitties United Argument Board A forum for open discussion and debate about the SWAT Kats and its fandom.
SWAT Kats e-mail You too can have your own SWAT Kats e-mail address! This place is picky about the info you enter- be sure to fill everything out completely.
SWATKatsFans free e-mail This site will set you up with a free e-mail account- for all you SWAT Kats fans!
Yahoo! Clubs: SWAT Kats Directory Rather than try to keep up with all the clubs, this is the Yahoo: Groups directory of the various SWAT Kats clubs. Join any or all of them at your own discretion!
Yahoo! Clubs: SK Fanfic Directory Same as above, only the directory for SWAT Kats fanfic clubs.
Newsgroup: news:alt.tv.swatkats Not much happening here, unfortunately.
Webring: SWAT Kats An index of SWAT Kats sites that have joined the "major" SWAT Kats WebRing.