On this page are links to many other SWAT Kats sites. I will give a short description of each, so you don't go looking at all the pages to find the one you want.

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General SWAT Kats Pages:

Adopt-A-SWAT Kitty Living Angel's page where you can "adopt" a SWAT Kat to put on your page.
Aivar's File Directory Raw Format. Plenty of SK files!
BlackRazor's Fan Art and Fic Page Home to BlackRazor's fan art, fan fiction, links and unrelated "crap." (His words, not mine!)
Casandro's File Directory Raw Format. Various and Sundry SK files, including screen grabs. Highlight: For broadband users, mpg versions of entire episodes are available.
Casandro's Framegrab Directory Casandro's sneaky file area. Username: Swatfiles Password: Swatkats . To distribute a file here, mail it to swatfiles@hotmail.com
Ciudad MegaKat "Megakat City - Fics and more." This site is apparently a fan fiction website, in Spanish.
Crash's Room- Jumpoff A relatively unfinished site- has SK links, info, Katsfans internet info (ICQ numbers, chat rooms, etc) and a small personal section.
Dana Uehara (Razor)'s Home Page Some general info about the TV show, as well as a smattering of screenshots, fan art, and info on his character, Kana clawson.
Giant's SWAT Kats Universe Giant's site of SK info, poetry, humor, and other topics.
Kat Krew Run by Razaar- a home to SK accessories for PC. Wallpaper, Screensavers, Themes, and Winamp & Neoplanet skins. Also a fanclub area and some other stuff. Still under construction.
Kristen's SWAT Kat Gallery Fanfics, poems, multimedia, and of course her SWAT Kats fan art.
KS Claw's SWAT Disco A page of KS Claw's fan fics and fan art, along with some general SK info.
L.A.'s SK Hangout Graphics-Intensive. Has a gallery of SK images, some media files (including midis,) and an Adopt-A-SWAT Kitty feature. Some broken links.
The Megakat City BlackNet A fan fiction archive, with a "general" section as well as an "adult" section. Please be responsible for the potential content of what you read.
The Megakatcity's Temple An SK site in Spanish. It says it will have images, movies, etc, and an RPG (in Spanish?) but most of the links are broken.
The Megakat City SK Temple! Not to be confused with the previous site. Under Contruction- the "Temple" section, collection plate, and a few other areas are up and running.
Nikkitrina's Page Based on fanfic char. Has "about me", an SK area, and some fan art and fic.
Ricochet's Secret Base A page about Ricochet, her fanfic, and some SK stuff in general.
Shadow Klaw Empire A clever concept: A "kingdom" page. SK Links, plus various info on the show, fan characters, and fanart/fics.
Shardiana Studios LH-Chan's SK fan art pages, but no other info on the show.
SK Screenshot Comic A site that aims to reconstruct each episode in comic form, using screenshots.
SWAT Cats An index of (supposedly) recorded movie files, though only a very few are available for download, probably due to bandwitdh issues. I'll see if I can get him to give me some of them, though the site seems to be preoccupied with "transformations."
SWAT Kats Robert's page about the SWAT Kats, with character info and a few files.
SWAT Kats Pia's page with some info about the show, some of her fan art, etc. Mostly in Danish?
SWAT Kats Devotional Exactly what the name says, with some fun articles about SWAT Kats, as well as some SWAT Kards to e-mail to friends.
SWAT Kats Hangar Run by Cookie, Trystan, Jack, and Wolfie. Has fan art, fan fic, and some general SK info.
SWAT Kats Page Nothing you haven't seen before - mostly just various pics.
TSKECO The SWAT Kats Enthusiast's Club Online, with some character info, sound files, and (I think they work) chat rooms. Also a small fanfic area.
Wolfpac's SWATKat Home A smallish site with some links and an episode guide.