On this page are links to many other SWAT Kats sites. I will give a short description of each, so you don't go looking at all the pages to find the one you want.

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The Kats Meow:
Down These Mean Skies... Inventive character bios and cool, original graphics!
Megakat Diner An impressive site. It has some general info on the show, but it also has a comprehensive list of SK Fans and how to contact them, as well as any SK website they have.
Razor's Edge Slick-looking site with various SK things on it- chat, some fan fiction, basic SK info, and some fan art.
Seeker's Hangar Currently, Seeker is working on making entire episodes available on his site.
Strike's SK Zone Hee hee... ok, so, it's my page... but can you blame me?
SWAT Kats Encyclopedia Matt Fiske and Bill Heirs have obviously worked very hard on this extremely comprehensive "list of stuff" from the show. All gadgets, locations, and characters, complete with pictures and commentary.
SWAT Kats Fan Fiction Archive Has the most complete collection of SWAT Kats Fan Fiction available, by some very good authors.