What's New on Strike's SWAT Kats Zone?

June, 2002

Contrary to popular belief, I AM trying to keep SK Zone updated. However, rather than my usual all-at-once updates, I am doing many small ones in specific areas. If there's an area that needs to be updated, it is probably in the queue, but I haven't had time to do it yet. What's been updated so far:

  • Updated the drop-down navbar that is found on most of the major pages. All sections should appear on all of the menus, now.
  • Modfied the Play section. Added a few new quizzes, removing the message board, and adding some SK Self-Tests. More in store:
  • At least one CYOA
  • At least one more Build set
  • Possibly another Quiz or Self-Test
  • Possibly more word banks for the Wordsearches
  • Possibly a java crossword puzzle
  • New material in the S-Files: Images area. Added Rough Drawings, Character Designs, a few new compilation images, as well as thumbnail pages for the screengrabs, promo sheets, etc.
  • Updated material in the S-Files: Text area. The voices list and SKERL (SWAT Kats Equipment Reference List) has new entries, as well as a more friendly HTML format. More in store:
  • I'm hoping to make a searchable database out of the SKERL, but I am phenomenally unskilled when it comes to SQL. I can do .asp databases easily, but my (Unix) server will not support .asp pages.
  • New S-Files: Videos. Two new videos (possibly three? It's been a while) in a few different qualities.

My general "to-do" list, aside from some general internal and navigational work on my part:

  • Fan Art update
  • Update the Links section
  • Tablature for the SK theme song
  • Update the SK FAQ
  • Work on the parameters of the search engine so it works again... :P
  • I'm sure there's more stuff. I can't think of them all right now.

Please note that at the conclusion of these updates and changes, SK Zone will be largely "static" (like it wasn't already) and I'm not anticipating any more major changes or overhauls. I'm also not sure if I'll continue the SK Fan Art Page. I would appreciate if there is anyone who is currently running a Fan Art page with submissions and such to give me a link to their site, so I can advertise for them on my site. ^_^ Thanks. (Note that I am asking for collection sites, not individuals' sites.)

 I have changed the acceptance guidelines for the SK Fan Art Page. Due to time constraints, I am no longer able to upload all of the art that people send to me. This is probably a good thing in a way, since the FA page had become more of a furry art archive than a SWAT Kats fan art archive. From here on out, the only art that will be uploaded to the page will be the work that includes characters or other things from the TV show. No longer am I able to upload art that pertains to fan fiction or RPG - unless it includes an SK character. I'm sorry about these new restraints, but I just can't keep up with everything anymore.

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