This entire section is all about SK Zone's visitors. There are interactive games, a video game, self-tests, and other tidbits of fun to keep y'all entertained into the wee hours of the morning. I hope you enjoy it!

Choose Your Own Adventures - This is their new home! Are you sure you've found all the endings to Megalith City Mayhem?

Pop Quiz - Try out your SK General Knowledge, or to find out how evil you really are! (Your browser must have cookies enabled in order to get your results!)

Word Search - The java program contributed by Nick Ball, but with newer and larger word lists.

Build Megakat City - The most fun you've had since colorforms! Drag and Drop images onto a background in order to build your own version of Megakat City. There's only one "set" for now (no time, remember?): Downtown MKC. More sets are forthcoming, such as "MKC Desert" and "Disaster!" Ideas and image contributions are welcome.

SNES Game - For all the katsfans who have to search high and low for the SNES ROM file of the SK game.

SK Self-Tests - Ever wondered which Good Guy or Bad Guy you would be on the show? Take one of these tests!