Pop Quiz!
General Knowledge

1) SWAT Kats:
a) Two Rare Steaks
b) The Radical Squadron
c) Totally Rad Skateboard
d) This Really Sucks

2) Jake and Chance are...
a) dogs
b) married
c) ex-Enforcers
d) stinky

3) Jake is...
a) the short one
b) a jerk
c) in big trouble now, mister
d) Manx's long-lost nephew

4) Chance hates...
a) girls
b) bugs
c) wet willies
d) when Jake leaves the seat up

5) The SWAT Kats keep the Turbokat in the...
a) closet
b) car-port
c) hanger
d) hangar

6) The Dark Turbokat is decorated with what?
a) a skull and green stripes
b) Christmas ornaments
c) the bones of their enemies
d) a chenille throw

7) Who is kinda cool, in a nasty sorta way?
a) Felina
b) Callie
c) Turmoil
d) me

8) Mayor Manx wears...
a) two pairs of socks
b) ladies underwear
c) the bones of his enemies
d) a toupee

9) Dark Kat's flying ship is called...
a) the Doom Ship
b) the Fear Ship
c) the Dark Ship
d) Dark Kat's Flying Ship

10) Dr. Viper lives...
a) under my bed
b) in the sewers
c) in a swamp
d) in a swanky high-rise penthouse apartment