Pop Quiz!
"Official" Enforcers Entrance Examination

"Commander Feral told me to tell you that he heartily endorses this examination as a measure of the average citizen's ability to comprehend the struggle and toil every Enforcer went though in obtaining that glorious title. He also told me that you have a SLEW of unpaid parking tickets, but I think I can get him to look the other way, for the right price."

- Lt. Cmdr. Steele, MegaKat City Enforcers

Yes, there is certainly no occupation more important in MegaKat City than that of Enforcer. More than just a law-enforcement organization, the Enforcers are the first line of defence against the myraid threats and disasters that descend upon the mighty metropolis every day (or at least every week. Often twice.) They have to cope with the likes of the Metallikats, Turmoil, even hostile alien attacks, and all they get in return are low paychecks and unfavorable comparisons to the SWAT Kats. Still, this isn't a job that's done for the money or the glory, it's done because it NEEDS to be done. MegaKat City NEEDS the Enforcers; for protection, for guidance, and yes, sometimes for cannon fodder. If you have longed to become part of this great team (and you KNOW you have!) then your wait is over! Just take this simple examination, and, based on your score, you'll know if you have what it takes! And how hard can THAT be?

1) The standard Enforcer's Emergency-Situation Uniform consists of:
a) Dark blue slacks, a blue shirt, jacket, cap, and badge.
b) Grey shirt and slacks, with matching grey overcoat (buttoned, of course).
c) Light body armor, helmet and visor, combat boots, and thick gloves.
d) the Genuine Enforcers-logo boxer shorts and a smile.

2) Enforcers are encouraged to specialize in which of the following areas?
a) Computer Skills, Crime Scene Investigating, and Handwriting Analysis.
b) Urban Piloting (helicopter or jet), Tank Operations, and General Law Enforcement.
c) Reading, Writing, and 'Rithmatic.
d) How to go, "We'll handle this!" then die.

3) Identify the correct procedure for dealing with an attack by a 25 to 150 foot tall creature:
a) Shove all nearby civilians away from the monster as best you can, then run like heck.
b) Shove all nearby civilians toward the monster as best you can, then run like heck.
c) Quickly find some sort of cover and open fire, followed by running like heck as the gunfire proves ineffective.
d) Yell "We'll handle this!" then die.

4) Commander Feral is to be:
a) Obeyed.
b) Respected.
c) Feared.
d) All of the above.

5) Lt. Commander Steele is to be:
a) Tolerated.
b) Ignored.
c) Avoided.
d) Shot.

6) The Offical Standing Orders Regarding the SWAT Kats are:
a) Inform HQ of contact, and request the SWAT Kats leave the area.
b) Inform HQ of contact, then open fire.
c) Open fire, THEN inform HQ AND say the SWAT Kats started it.
d) Call them names.

7) The riskiest (and consequently highest-paying) position available to new Enforcers Recruits, after suitable training, is:
a) File Management Engineer
b) First Wave Helicopter Pilot (this is the group on the scene first).
c) Second Wave Helicopter Pilot (this is the "bring me chopper back-up!" group).
d) The Guy Who Does Feral's Laundry.

8) Identify MegaKat City's "Most Wanted" criminal, according to Enforcer HQ:
a) Madkat.
b) The Pastmaster.
c) Dark Kat.
d) Burke and Murray.

9) A madman has seized city hall and taken everyone inside (including you) hostage, but negioatiors have talked him into letting all the hostages go, except one. He's willing to let YOU pick who stays. Your orders are to "ensure the safe arrest" of the madman. That in mind, you choose:
a) Yourself- it's what any noble, bio-less Enforcer without even a decent voice-credit would do!
b) The Mayor- he's far too important to actually KILL, right?
c) The Deputy Mayor- the SWAT Kats would move heaven and earth to save her pink-suited butt!
d) The madman- hey! he's crazy, maybe it'll work!

10) You're face-to-face with a genuine vigilante, and no one else is around. You've seen them save people, but they're still technically breaking the law. What DO you DO?
a) Thank the vigilante, but insist that they submit to arrest and come with you to HQ.
b) Sneer at the vigilante, and threaten to shoot if they don't come with you right NOW!
c) Open fire.
d) Ask for an autograph.