Pop Quiz!
SKRPG Application Checklist/Quiz

1) The codename I choose for my character will be:
a) carefully chosen to make sure it correlates with my character as a whole.
b) his/her civilian identity's catchy and cute nickname that EVERYBODY knows.
c) taken from my favorite anime
d) kewl.

2) The real name I choose for my character will:
a) be carefully researched to make sure it hasn't been used in the RPG before.
b) match the character from the show I want him/her to be closely related to.
c) mirror my own exactly.
d) kick ass.

3) My character's age will be:
a) Preteen.
b) Teenage.
c) Twenties at least.
d) 1234, because he is immortal!

4) My character will be:
a) either male or female.
b) shemale.
c) hermaphroditic.
d) sexy.

5) My character CAN be this species:
a) waterbuffalo.
b) kat.
c) unicorn-dragon.
d) human.

6) My character's main talent is:
a) martial arts.
b) killing.
c) talking.
d) none of the above.

7) My character's main weapon he uses ALL the time is/are:
a) knives.
b) boatloads of ninja stuff.
c) a telescoping bo.
d) not a trademark weapon of some other character.

8) Cars are:
a) da bomb-diggity!
b) man's best friend.
c) inferior if they are not my character's.
d) necessary for everyday life and quite possibly vigilantism.

9) Which of these statements could be said about your character? (choose the one that MOST applies)
a) He/she is a very kind person and everybody in the world loves them and wants to be their friend.
b) He/she is exactly like this person from an anime I saw, but an animal!
c) He/she is soooo kewl!
d) Like any other person, he/she has both good points and bad, strengths and weaknesses.

10) My character is:
a) a student or working a job.
b) too young to work.
c) an evil mastermind with his own gigantic army.
d) CEO of his own company that makes experimental weapons, and he can use these all the time, whenever he wants.

11) My character's relation to the SWAT Kats is:
a) that he/she is good friends with Jake and Chance.
b) he/she knows who they are.
c) he/she knows who they are. REALLY.
d) he/she is a SWAT Kat already.

12) Which of these statements is true about your character?
a) Dark Kat killed my family!
b) Dr. Viper made me in his lab!
c) I'm like that guy from that anime!
d) My history makes sense!

13) Which of these concepts will be incorporated in your bio?
a) Transplanted cliffs.
b) Cold fusion.
c) Armageddon bunnies.
d) Cohesion.

14) Which of these animals has not already been used as a character in the SKRPG?
a) Wolf.
b) Ferret.
c) Bat.
d) Meerkat.

15) Ninjas are:
a) Kewl!
b) ME!
c) Crunchy!
d) best left in anime where they belong.



16) It is plausible for somebody to be a master in each of many different forms of martial arts by age twenty.
a) True.
b) False.

17) There are repercussions for doing illegal things in real life.
a) True.
b) False.

18) "Repercussion" is a real word.
a) True.
b) False.

19) Reading the bio criteria and guidelines is a good idea.
a) True.
b) False.

20) I have answered this quiz truthfully.
a) True.
b) False.