Hey, kids! Everyone in life is searching for a special 'something'. Your keys. A soulmate. Your keys again (tried the couch?). Whatever it is, you'll probably want as much practice possible. And even if you don't, here's the SWAT KATS FIND-A-WORD, which is like, you know, one of those large find-a-word puzzles but with, like, SWAT Kats words hidden in them, and um, you gotta try and find them. If you want. Oh, just do it.

INSTRUCTIONS! (Insert Tab A into Slot B)

  1. Click on 'New Game' to start!
  2. If you think you've found a word, click on the end letter and drag the 'loop' to cover the whole word - if you're right, it'll colour in and remove the word from the list. If you're wrong; tough nuts!
  3. Use 'Solve Game' to be a complete pansy and get the answers.
  4. Words may appear forwards, backwards, vertical, horizontal and diagonal.
  5. There are several different word lists, click 'New Game' again to change lists.
  6. Rule 6: You do NOT talk about Fight Club.
  7. Once you've got all the words, the timer will stop. Write your time down on a piece of paper and throw it away.

If you have any queries or problems, you may wish to email someone. Maybe not.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Note: This game is no fun at all. We are not liable for the suckiness of finding words in a Find-A-Word).

This WordSearch applet was contributed by Nick Ball - one day, you will all be sorry.