Woo-hoo, model sheets galore! These are the main model sheets for the SWAT Kats TV cartoon... most of the episode-centric chars aren't in this one (they had seperate model sheet books for different eps) so characters like Felina Feral, Dark Kat, etc, won't be in these.... just the major recurring characters like the SWAT Kats, Feral, Manx, and Callie. (And Katseye News!)

All of these are right around 100kb each - scanned at 90dpi - they are photocopies so are not the very best quality.

Very Important- I also must ask that you please do not distribute these (put them up on your own site). If you would like to have a reference to this page, or to individual images, that is fine- just link to this page or whatever, and be sure to say that these are Strike's model sheets! Thanks! (The person who gave them to me asked that they not be distributed, or else they might get in trouble. D'oh!)

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Size Comparisons

SWAT Kats & Equipment

Mayor's Office & Equipment

Burke, Murray, and Equipment

Commander Feral, Enforcers, and Equipment

Katseye News and Equipment

Size Comparisons

mm_001.gif T-Bone, Razor, Callie, Manx

mm_002.gif T-Bone, Razor, Feral, Gora

mm_003.gif Chance, Jake, Burke, Murray

mm_004.gif Feral, Enforcer Commando, Enforcer Sgt., Enforcer Pilot

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SWAT Kats & Equipment


mm_005.gif Views of body

mm_006.gif Shaded

mm_006a.gif Construction notes (T-Bone)

mm_006b.gif Construction notes (T-Bone v. Chance)

mm_007.gif Head detail

mm_007a.gif Master Attitude Poses

mm_007b.gif Eye Expression Guide

mm_008.gif Master Attitude Poses, rough drawings

mm_009.gif Misc. poses 1

mm_010.gif Rough drawings

mm_011.gif Misc. poses 2

mm_012.gif Rough Drawings


mm_013.gif Views of body

mm_014.gif Shaded

mm_014a.gif Construction notes (Razor)

mm_014b.gif Const. notes (Razor v. Jake)

mm_015.gif Head detail

mm_015a.gif Master Attitude Poses

mm_015b.gif Eye Expression Guide

mm_016.gif Master Attitude Poses, rough drawings

mm_017.gif Misc. poses 1

mm_018.gif Rough Drawings

TB & R

mm_018a.gif Const. notes-faces

mm_019.gif Misc. poses

mm_020.gif Rough Drawings

mm_021.gif Facial expressions


mm_022.gif Views of body

mm_023.gif Shaded

mm_023a.gif Construction notes

mm_024.gif Misc. poses 1

mm_025.gif Rough drawings

mm_026.gif Misc. poses 2

mm_027.gif Facial expressions


mm_028.gif Views of body

mm_029.gif Shaded

mm_029a.gif Construction notes

mm_030.gif Misc. poses 1

mm_031.gif Rough drawings

mm_032.gif Misc. poses 2

mm_033.gif Rough drawings

mm_034.gif Facial expressions 1

mm_035.gif Facial expressions 2

mm_036.gif Rough drawings


(note: SWB= swing-wings back; SWO= swing-wings forward; VTOL= vertical takeoff and landing, a.k.a. hover mode)

mm_081.gif SWB vs. SWF

mm_082.gif SWF, SWF in hover mode

mm_083.gif Various views 1

mm_084.gif Var. views 2

mm_085.gif Var. views 3 - SWB

mm_086.gif Var. views 3 - SWF

mm_087.gif Var. views 4 - VTOL not in use

mm_088.gif Var. views 4 - VTOL in use

mm_089.gif Var. views 4 - Landing gear deployed

mm_090.gif Var. views 5 - SWB

mm_090a.gif shaded

mm_091.gif Var. views 5 - SWF

mm_092.gif Var. views 6 - SWB

mm_093.gif Var. views 6 - SWF, SWF w/ VTOL

mm_094.gif Var. views 7 - flight vs. landing modes

mm_094a.gif shaded

mm_095.gif Var. views 8 - flight vs. landing modes

mm_095a.gif shaded

mm_096.gif Size comparison - Turbokat vs. SWAT Kats

mm_096a.gif shaded

mm_097a.gif Cockpit detail

Ejektor Seats

mm_121.gif Size comparison, var. views

mm_122.gif Detail. T-Bone and Razor seated

mm_123.gif Detail w/weaponry

mm_124.gif shaded

mm_125.gif Detail w/thrusters

mm_126.gif Detail of rear views

mm_127.gif With parachute deployed

mm_128.gif shaded

Oxygen Masks, Glovatrix

mm_129.gif T-Bone and Razor w/ oxygen masks

mm_130.gif shaded

mm_131.gif Detail of Glovatrix, Size Comparison

mm_132.gif shaded

The Tow Truck

mm_133.gif Size comparison, var. views

mm_134.gif Detail of rear views

mm_135.gif Detail of side views

mm_136.gif shaded

Speaking Expressions

mm_170.gif T-Bone

mm_171.gif Razor

mm_172.gif Chance Furlong

mm_173.gif Jake Clawson

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Mayor's Office & Equipment

Callie Briggs

mm_037.gif Views of body

mm_038.gif Shaded

mm_038a.gif Construction notes

mm_039.gif Eyeglass information

mm_040.gif Shaded

mm_041.gif Misc. poses 1

mm_042.gif Rough drawings

mm_043.gif Misc. poses 2

mm_044.gif Facial expressions

mm_045.gif Rough drawings

Callie's Sedan

mm_137.gif Size comparison, various views, open door detail.

mm_138.gif Size comparison, front, rear and profile views

mm_139.gif 3/4 rear, 3/4 front

mm_140.gif Shading of above

mm_140a.gif Interior facing forward

mm_140b.gif Interior facing rear

Mayor Manx

mm_046.gif Views of body

mm_047.gif Shaded

mm_047a.gif Construction notes

mm_048.gif Misc. poses 1

mm_049.gif Shaded

mm_050.gif Misc. poses 2

mm_051.gif Rough drawings

mm_052.gif Misc. poses 3

mm_053.gif Rough drawings

mm_054.gif Facial expressions

Manx's Limo

mm_141.gif Size comparison, various views

mm_142.gif Size comparison, front, rear and profile views

mm_143.gif 3/4 front, 3/4 rear

mm_144.gif Shading of above

Speaking Expressions

mm_174.gif Callie Briggs

mm_175.gif Mayor Manx

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Burke, Murray, and Equipment


mm_064.gif Views of body

mm_065.gif shaded

mm_065a.gif Construction notes

mm_066.gif Misc. poses 1

mm_067.gif Facial Expressions

Burke and Murray

mm_072.gif Misc poses 1


mm_068.gif Views of body

mm_069.gif shaded

mm_069a.gif Construction notes

mm_070.gif Misc. poses 1

mm_071.gif Facial expressions

Burke and Murray's Truck

mm_166.gif Various veiws and size comparison

mm_167.gif Front view, rear view, profile

mm_168.gif 3/4 front and rear views, and w/bed load raised

mm_169.gif shaded

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Commander Feral, Enforcers, and Equipment

Commander Feral

mm_ 055.gif Views of body

mm_056.gif shaded

mm_056a.gif Construction notes

mm_057.gif Facial, in flight helmet

mm_058.gif shaded

mm_059.gif Misc. poses 1

mm_060.gif Misc. poses 1 - rough sketch - shaded

mm_061.gif Misc poses 2

mm_062.gif Misc poses 2 - rough sketch - shaded

mm_063.gif Facial expressions


mm_075.gif Enforcer Sgt. - Views of body and facial expressions

mm_076.gif shaded

mm_077.gif Enfocer Commandos - Views of body

mm_078.gif shaded

mm_078a.gif Commando gun FX detail

mm_079.gif Enforcer pilots - Views of body

mm_080.gif shaded

Feral's Sedan

mm_145.gif Size comparison, various views

mm_146.gif Size comparison, front, rear, and profile views

mm_147.gif 3/4 rear and 3/4 front

mm_148.gif Shading of above

mm_149.gif Bottom view, view w/door open

mm_150.gif Shading of above

mm_150a.gif Interior facing forward

mm_150b.gif Driver side view, interior

mm_150c.gif Interior facing rear

Speaking Expressions

mm_176.gif Commander Feral

Enforcer Sedan

mm_151.gif various views, size comparison

mm_152.gif size comparison, detail

mm_153.gif 3/4 rear view and 3/4 front view

mm_154.gif shaded

mm_155.gif bottom view, and with door open

mm_156.gif shaded

Enforcer Chopper

mm_157.gif various views

mm_158.gif profile view, size comparison

mm_159.gif shaded

mm_160.gif 3.4 front/side view, and rear top view

mm_161.gif bottom/rear view, bottom/side view

mm_161a.gif Interior facing forward

mm_161b.gif interior side view

mm_161c.gif interior facing rear

Enforcer Jet

mm_161d.gif various views

mm_161e.gif shaded

mm_161f.gif with landing gear down

mm_161g.gif shaded

Enforcer Jet Ejector Seat

mm_161h.gif various views, size to pilot, and w/parachute deployed

mm_161i.gif shaded

Enforcer Peacekeeper Tank

mm_162.gif various views, size comparison

mm_163.gif front and rear view, weapons equipped

mm_164.gif 3/4 front and 3/4 rear views, hatch open

mm_165.gif shaded

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Katseye News and Equipment

Speaking Expressions

mm_177.gif Ann Gora

Katseye News

mm_073.gif Ann Gora - Views of body

mm_074.gif shaded

mm_074a.gif Size comparison - Ann and Jonny K.

mm_074b.gif shaded

mm_074c.gif Al (chopper pilot) - Views of body

mm_074d.gif shaded

mm_074e.gif Size comparison - Turbokat and Katseye chopper

mm_074f.gif Katseye News chopper - views

mm_074g.gif shaded

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