NEW! A comprehensive group of Exclusive Main Model Sheets can be found here!

A little info on television animation:

When SWAT Kats was made, there were basically two crews- production, and animators. The character designers, along with the writers and producers, draw 'model sheets' for each character to be shown in the show. These model sheets are given to the animators so they know how they are supposed to draw the characters. Usually these model sheets are kept at the animation studio- you don't see them on the internet. So, it's pretty neat that these have been found so long after the show has been cancelled! These were given to me by Rauhnee Ranshanka, so if you want to use these someplace or put them on your site, that's the person to ask.

These are also on Klawz's SWAT Kats Devotional someplace- so if something's wrong with this site, you can get them from hers.

These files are rather large (dimension-wise) because I want to keep them of archival quality - I suggest saving them to disk, and using an image program to zoom out once or twice, to be able to view the entire picture at once.

earlyferal.gif | 12.9 kb | A few early sketches of Commander Feral's facial expressions.

felina.gif | 20.7 kb | An early sketch of Felina that someone colored. (A bit incorecctly.)

ulysses_04.jpg | 78.4 kb | A color page from a promo book, portraying Cmmr. Feral. (I believe that the other copies of this available aren't in color. I could be wrong though.)

w-panton.gif | 84.4 kb | A Pantone color guide for those who want it. Razor, T-Bone, Callie, and Feral.

skbpm1.gif | 135 kb | "Bride of the Pastmaster" size comparison. Razor, T-Bone, Callisa, and Tabor (head knight.)

skbpm2.gif | 121 kb | "Bride of the Pastmaster" size comparison. Razor, Callista, city guard, and harpy (wyvern).

skbpm24.gif | 110 kb | "Bride of the Pastmaster" size comp. Pastmaster, Callista, ring, and ring detail.

skbpm25.gif | 117 kb | "Bride of the Pastmaster" same as skbpm24.gif, only with example shading.

skbpm26.gif | 106 kb | "Bride of the Pastmaster" Queen Callista in various poses, with pouch of magic dust.

skbpm27a.gif | 91.2 kb | "Bride of the Pastmaster" Queen Callista with various facial expressions and poses.

skmm1.gif | 158 kb | Main Models: Size comparison. Razor, T-Bone, Callie Briggs, Mayor Manx.

skmm37.gif | 94.0 kb | Callie Briggs. Various poses.

skmm38.gif | 128 kb | Same as above, with example shading.

skmm38a.gif | 117 kb | Construction notes (how to draw) Callie Briggs.

skmm39.gif | 108 kb | Eyeglass information on Callie Briggs.

skmm41.gif | 117 kb | Callie Briggs; various poses.

skmm44.gif | 116 kb | Felina Feral in various poses, standard uniform. (the 'board' mentioned is the storyboard - one is made for each episode. It is a huge array of sequential drawings that outlines the episode.)

skmm45.gif | 102 kb | "Razor's Edge". Same drawings as above, w/o notes.

skmm46.gif | 103 kb | "Razor's Edge". Same drawings as above, but in her helicopter pilot uniform. Eyes are visible through visor to give an indication of their placement.

skmm46a.gif | 132 kb | Same poses as above, with example shading, and visor up/visor down drawings.

skmm48.gif | 104 kb | Felina Feral in various poses, with weaponry.

skmm50.gif | 96.5 kb | Felina Feral in a pretty dang cool pose.

skmm52.gif | 113 kb | Felina Feral in a few more pretty cool poses.

skmm73.gif | 98.1 kb | Ann Gora. Two poses and several facial expressions.

skmm74.gif | 133 kb | Same as above, with example shading.