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  • callie.gif (10.1 kb) A computer-colored version of Callie, in a rush to get someplace. Offered by GoKarter.
  • felina_06_01.gif (21.2 kb)   A touched up and colored scan from a SK character book. Felina's having a proprietary moment with her choppers new 150 mm gattling laser canon. Offered by Rauhnee Ranshanka.
  • felina_13_02.gif (15.9 kb) A touched up and colored scan.  Felina is surprised by a sudden burst of fire as she prepares to turn a corner. Offered by Rauhnee Ranshanka.
  • feraztb.jpg (38.3 kb) A multiscreen shot of Feral, Razor, and T-Bone fighting mutual enemies in "Katastrophe." Compiled by Edo Andromedo.
  • hangar_copy.jpg (81.9 kb) A cleaned-up version of the above hangar pic, with the black lines removed. Offered by Giant.
  • jetdwn2.jpg (62.2 kb) An unfinished pic, it looks like the Enforcers are trying to chase the Turbokat down! Offered by Leonardo Garcia.
  • lair.jpg (63.4 kb) An image of Dr. Viper's swampy lair, spliced as a composite screenshot. Offered by Bill Hiers.
  • nightambush2.gif (35.3 kb) Touched up and colored scan added to a background. This is what Razor from Rauhnee's series Down These Mean Skies looks like in full sneaking around gear, including dyed fur.  Asiki are assassins and yes, Razor is one. Offered by Rauhnee Ranshanka. Fanfic can be found here.
  • nuke_chopkat.jpg (96.5 kb) A SWAT ChopKat (looking very much like an AH-64 Apache) running from a nuclear blast.  She does escape, but to what?  At the center of that glowing fireball was Enforcer HQ. (from The Price of Survival.) Offered by Rauhnee Ranshanka. Fanfic can be found here.
  • sk02.jpg (133 kb) A promotional picture of the SWAT Kats. The picture has been enlarged, copyright information removed, and the colors modified a bit. Offered by TBONE720. (Compare with original image.)
  • viperlab.jpg (215 kb) A panoramic image of Dr. Viper's dreaded laboratory, featuring himself and Morbulus. Assembled from a composite of screenshots. Offered by Bill Hiers.