Extensive scientific study has proven that I, Strike, am in fact lazy. In light of this not-so-new information, I am going to make these descriptions as brief as possible. So that I can go read my comic books. Since I've been updating this page for seven hours. Most of these files are under 80 kb. About 15 or so are over 100 kb. They are really too large to view without having a graphics program with the ability to zoom out, but I'm keeping them the size that they are in the interest of people who want to print them. (Also in the interest of laziness.)

I got these files from Matt Weber, who had them on his site originally. I can in no way whatsoever claim these images, and Matt Weber is into that "freedom of information" groove, so if you want 'em, it's probably cool with him if you go ahead and do whatever you want with 'em. :-)

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a-1 : Program Introduction

a-2 : Synopsis

a-3 : Marketing

b-1 : Jake Clawson

b-10 : Commander Feral

b-11a : Size Comparisons

b-11b : Size Comparisons

b-12 : the Turbokat

b-2 : Chance Furlong

b-3 : Various Razor

b-4a : Various Razor

b-4b : Various Razor

b-5 : Various T-Bone

b-6a : Various T-Bone

b-6b : Various T-Bone

b-7 : Various T & R

b-8 : Various T & R

b-9 : Callie Briggs

c-1 : Dr. Viper

c-2a : Mac Metallikat

c-2b : Molly Metallikat

c-3 : the Pastmaster

c-4 : Madkat

c-5 : Dark Kat

c-6 : the Red Lynx

d-1 : Octopus Missile

d-2 : Cement Machine Gun

d-3 : Slicer Missile

d-4 : Deadhead Missile

d-5 : Cyclotron

e-1 : "promo" drawing

e-10 : PM attacks Turbokat

e-11 : SKs, Turbokat, giant monster

e-12 : SKs escape lava w/ jetpacks

e-13 : SKs in the cockpit

e-2 : SKs and "sunset"

e-3 : "katshead" logo w/ SKs

e-4 : "katshead" and logo, T-Bone

e-5 : "katshead" and T-Bone

e-6 : "katshead" and logo, Razor

e-7 : "katshead" and Razor

e-8 : TK and cyclotron on street

e-9 : SKs on rope ladders from TK

f-1 : Various logos

f-3 : Hanna-Barbera logos

f-4 : Turbokat Cockpit interior

f-5 : Razor

f-6 : Claw marks

The following promo sheets were contributed by Kristen Sharpe.

sk-a01: Program Introduction

sk-a02: Synopsis

sk-a03: Marketing

sk-b01: Jake Clawson

sk-b02: Chance Furlong

sk-b03: Razor

sk-b04a: Razor

sk-b04b: Razor

sk-b05: T-Bone

sk-b06a: T-Bone

sk-b06b: T-Bone

sk-b07: T-Bone and Razor

sk-b08: T-Bone and Razor

sk-b09: Callie Briggs

sk-b10: Commander Feral

sk-b11a: Size Comparison

sk-b12: Turbokat

sk-c01: Dr. Viper

sk-c02a: Metallikats

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