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[Dark Kat] [Dr. Viper] [Mac] [Molly] [Mutilor] [The Pastmaster]

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[Tiger Conklin] [Dark Callie] [Dark SWAT Kats] [Morbulus]


[Dark Kat] [Dr. Viper] [Mac] [Molly] [Mutilor] [The Pastmaster] [The Red Lynx] [Lt. Tragg] [Zed]

Dark Kat 

all41.wav "I knew you'd see the brilliance of my plan! All for one and one for all, as we destroy the SWAT Kats!" (Contributed by

alliance.wav "With them gone, Megakat City will be ours for the taking, and there'll be more than enough to go around. Yes, just think of it Viper! An invincible alliance of evil!" (Contributed by

bothfree.wav "Fools! One captive Swat Kat would've brought me the other, but thanks to you they're both still free!" (Contributed by

destroy.wav "Soon all the pieces will be in place, and I will have the power to destroy Megakat City!"

funeral.wav "The SWAT Kats are right on time... for their own funeral!" (Contributed by

impnews.wav "I've got more important news for Megakat City, and especially the SWAT Kats! I have your mayor and deputy mayor, and they will be destroyed unless the SWAT Kats surrender to me at sunrise!" (Contributed by

mustbe.wav "Those imposters must be stopped before they get my detonator!"

precaut.wav "I anticipated your defiance, Metallikats! So I took the precaution of attaching neuroscramblers to your necks!" (Contributed by

spider.wav "It seems the spider has caught the fly."

Dr. Viper 

arrogant.wav "You were always an arrogant fool, Dr. Zyme! My bacteria is immune to antibiotics!" (Contributed by

eye2eye.wav "Ahhh, we see eye to eye, Morbulus. I do have need of someone to get me into Megakat Biochemical Labs." (Contributed by

ladiesss.wav "Ladiesss firssst." 

meddle.wav "I'll teach you fools to meddle with Dr. Viper!" 

seenlast.wav "You haven't ssseen the lassst of Dr. Viper!"

Mac Metallikat

areyouok.wav "Molly, are you O.K.? Say somethin'!"

mback.wav "Yahahaaa! The Metallikats are back!"  (Contributed by

midman.wav "We just wanna cut out the middleman." 

tincan.wav "Now see here, ya overgrown tin can!"

Molly Metallikat 

callhim.wav "I think he wants you to call him Zed." 

husband.wav "Where's mine? I'm goin' in, too! That thing's got my husband!"

processr.wav "You know, I've always wanted a food processor."

stopyamm.wav Mac: "Nice a' Dark Kat ta give us a new set a' wheels!" Molly: "Yeah! Too bad you still can't drive!" Mac: "Aww, stop your yammerin'!" (Contributed by


claws.wav "Well, well... looks like someone on this pathetic planet has some claws, after all." 

drain.wav "With this ship, I'm going to drain every drop of water from this world before it is sunset!" 

water.wav "So much water... it's perfect!" (evil laugh)

The Pastmaster

800years.wav "I am the Pastmaster, imprisoned in here for eight hundred years!"

awaken.wav "Oh, ancient warriors of Katchu-Pichu... (zapping noises) ... Awaken!"

finally.wav "At least, I'm finally free!" 

foolish.wav "You foolish mortals!"

iwant.wav "I want the Dark Ages back!" 

sand.wav "Stupid mortals, digging in the sand! I know just what I'm looking for and how to get it!" (laughs) 

spell.wav "Hear the spell of this immortal, send this creature through the portal!"

The Red Lynx 

endline.wav "End of the line, Manx!" 

notover.wav "It's not over yet, Manx." (evil laugh) 

worthy.wav "This Manx isn't even a worthy opponent!"

Rex Shard 

annoy.wav "You're starting to annoy me, Feral." 

badder.wav "Run, you cowards! Rex shard is bigger and badder than ever!" (laughing) 

nothing.wav "There's nothing I can't handle... nothing!" 

whatshap.wav "What's happening to me?" 

wishtest.wav "I wish they'd give me a bazooka to test."

Lieutenant Tragg 

contact.wav "My lord Mutilor, their squadron leader is attempting contact. It calls itself a 'Feral.'"


assimila.wav "Assimilation, complete." 

correct.wav "A correct extrapolation of facts." 

excellnt.wav "Excellent." 

negative.wav "Negative."

Just Villains

[Tiger Conklin] [Dark Callie] [Dark SWAT Kats] [Morbulus]

Tiger Conklin 

cleanop.wav "Glad you Enforcers could come out here to reassure my men, and get 'em back to work. Every hour they're not mining agracite, costs my company millions! And you'll see, heh heh, the tunnels, they're perfectly safe. They've been checked, and double-checked, my company runs a clean operation!"

cleanop2.wav "My company runs a clean operation!"

Dark Callie

perks.wav "One of the perks of being Deputy Mayor." 

rotnhere.wav "If I didn't need your help to get that detonator, I'd let you rot in here!" 

takeover.wav "You clowns are screwing up our plans to take over Megakat City!"

Dark SWAT Kats 

gochoke.wav Evil Razor: "Your flying stinks, T-Bone!" Evil T-Bone: "Ah, go choke on a furball, you think you can fly any better?" 

isntbig.wav Evil T-Bone: "Yeah, this town isn't big enough for two sets of SWAT Kats!"

scuzball.wav Evil Razor: "Watch it, you hairy oaf! You almost tripped the alarm!" Evil T-Bone: "Stay outta my way, scuzzball." 


dobetter.wav "You'll have to do better than that, SWAT Kats, to catch Morbulus! Or... die trying!" (evil laugh) (Contributed by

madscien.wav "Very impressive... looks like you've got everything a mad scientist needs right here." (Contributed by

scratchr.wav "Scratch one more refinery!" (Contributed by

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