Good Guys

The SWAT Kats

[Razor] [T-Bone] [Cybertron/Razor/T-Bone] [Razor/T-Bone]

The Enforcers

[Lt. Feral] [Cmdr. Feral] [Generic Enforcers] [Warden Meece]

[Lt. Feral/Cmdr. Feral] [Generic Enforcers/Cmdr. Feral]

Good Guy in Space

[Captain Grimalken]

The SWAT Kats

[Razor] [T-Bone] [Cybertron/Razor/T-Bone] [Razor/T-Bone]

Razor/Jake Clawson

100times.wav "Aw, please Chance, not this one again... you've seen this tape at least a hundred times."

affirmr.wav "Affirmative." 

attitude.wav "I don't like his attitude!"

badkat.wav "I can't believe that Callie's a bad kat." 

bingo.wav "Bingo!"

bingo2.wav "Bingo!" 

blewcovr.wav "Uh, oh. You blew our cover."

buff.wav "Aw, now I gotta buff out another ding!" 

cement.wav "Cement machine guns... don't leave base without 'em!"

deadguy.wav "This dead guy is some flier."

eatlight.wav "Eat lightning grenade!" (missile fires, creature yelling) 

exidea.wav "Excellent idea." 

fastb4.wav "If you thought the Turbokat was fast before, wait till this baby is operational!"

fastest.wav "Fastest Glovatrix in the West." 

fxthing.wav "Crud, I'm going to have to fix that thing!"

girls.wav "We've got better things to do... like, ah, picking up some girls." 

horses.wav "Hold your horses, Chance!"

hurt.wav "I still can't believe I hurt those people...." 

lifelike.wav "Whoa, exhibits are gettin' kinda lifelike, aren't they?" 

lightout.wav "Lights out, pal!"

mad.wav "Ooo, that makes me mad!" 

razroger.wav "Roger." 

realtest.wav "Hey, it wouldn't be a real test unless there was SOME danger." 

seewhat.wav "Let's see what we've got."

stealth.wav "I salvaged it from a stealth jet." 

takedown.wav "He's locked, I'm takin' him down!" 

tbone.wav "T-Bone!" 

theoreti.wav "Well, theoretically, the natural volcanic gas mixture should get us off the ground... or, blow us up." 

thinkso.wav "I don't think so."

vehicle.wav (electicity noises) "We are having a bad vehicle day, buddy." (more electricity)

T-Bone/Chance Furlong

11second.wav "Oh, and by the way... eleven seconds at mach 5."

agracite.wav "My momma musta put agracite in my cereal when I was a kitten, Jake! Heeyah!" (breaking noise) "That's why I'm so strong." 

allnight.wav "Ah, this could take all night...." 

asusual.wav "Looks like the Enforcers are here... late as usual." 

bigtroub.wav "Sounds like big trouble!"

bingotb.wav "As Razor would say... bingo!"

blinked.wav "T-Bone and the Red Lynx, face to face... hah! And he blinked!" 

bugs.wav "Oo! Ug, bugs!"

crazier.wav "Razor, you're crazier than I am!" 

creeplng.wav "A creepling!" (punching noise, creepling chatterings)

crudtb.wav "Aww, crud." 

deadbody.wav "Over my dead body!"

deadmeat.wav "That does it... this guy's dead meat!" 

dodge.wav "Don't look now, but that big mothership wants to play dodge the lazer!"

eatafter.wav "Eat afterburner!"

fixace.wav "So fix the thing, ace."

framed.wav "I knew it. We've been framed!"

gotcntrl.wav "Power's back... I've got control!"

holykats.wav "Holy kats!"

iknew.wav "I knew the old Turbokat wouldn't let me down!" 

justfind.wav "So why don't I just find us a nice, big stormcloud so we can get hit by lightning again and get out of this screwy dimension again, huh?"

itsunder.wav "Don't cough up a hairball, Razor, it's under control!" 

kidneys.wav (thump) "Uuh, and THAT jolt must have loosened my kidneys." 

letme.wav "Let me give you a hand, ladies."

lookgood.wav "This doesn't look good, buddy." 

lostit.wav "Feral and his neice have totally lost it. You'd think we were criminals or somethin'." 

maxbaby.wav "Hang on! I'm gonna max this baby out!" (with jet noises) 

nasty.wav "She's kinda cool... in a nasty sorta way."

nightfly.wav "I gotta hand it to ya, buddy. This makes night flying a snap." 

notfair.wav "Hey, that's not fair, they're both right!"

onourway.wav "We're on our way."

pilot.wav "Razor... it's the PILOT, not the plane."

razor.wav "Razor!" 

scrape.wav (jet noise) "Then we'll just have to scrape him off!" 

tbhere.wav "T-Bone here. What's happening, Miss Briggs?"

thanksrz.wav "Thanks, Razor!"

volcano.wav "Volcano hoppin' was kinda fun, but I don't wanna spend the rest of my nine lives stuck in dinosaurville."

wereback.wav "We're ba-ack!" 

werehit.wav "We're hit!" (Turbokat falling)


lassie.wav Razor: "He's saved us again, T-Bone." T-Bone: "Yeah. Is Miss Briggs OK?" Cybertron: (buzzbeep) T-Bone: "The mummies got Callie?" Razor: "Easy...." Cybertron: (beeps) Razor: "You've done all you can." T-Bone: "Roger that. Put 'er there." Cybertron: (beeps)


bucketb.wav T-Tone: "Hey, bucket-butts, is this a private party?" Razor: "Or can anybody join?" (missile fires, Molly yells) 

crazy.wav Razor: "What was that?" (laser blasts) T-Bone: "It's Feral! He's gone crazy!"

giantmon.wav T-Bone: "Crud, what is that thing?" Razor: "Giant monster of the week?" 

playalng.wav T-Bone: "This is gettin' really weird...." Razor: "Yeah, let's just play along."

mostevil.wav Jake: "Chance, aren't you forgetting that the Rex Lynx was THE most EVIL pilot in history?" Chance: "Yeah, he was a bad guy. But he was also the baddest pilot around... well, next to the Blue Manx, of course." 

scratch.wav T-Bone: "See? What'd I tell ya? We made it without a scratch." (laser noise) Razor: "Oh, I wish you hadn't said that."

unleaded.wav T-Bone: "Maybe we should have tried the unleaded volcano." Razor: "Well at least we didn't blow up." 

uskilled.wav T-Bone: "We lost that flying spider!" Razor: "Sorry...." T-Bone: "So am I! You're so worried about hurting someone else, you almost got us killed."

whatthe.wav T-Bone: "Razor, what the heck is goin' on?" Razor: "I dunno... let's just get in the jet and get outta here!" 

youmissd.wav T-Bone: "Looks like you missed, sureshot." Razor: "Umm... not completely...."

The Enforcers

[Lt. Feral] [Cmdr. Feral] [Generic Enforcers] [Warden Meece]

[Lt. Feral/Cmdr. Feral] [Generic Enforcers/Cmdr. Feral]

Lieutenant Felina Feral 

bazooza.wav "Eat bazooka, you space scum!" (bazooka noises) "Gotcha!" 

busttail.wav "When I get back up top, I'm gonna BUST his tail!" 

cavein.wav "Wait! Hold your fire! We don't want to cause a--" (zap, crash) "Cave-in!" 

downout.wav "I may be down, but I'm not out!" 

holdit.wav "Hold it right there!"

igotthem.wav "I got 'em, Uncle!"

lookbad.wav "Somebody deliberately wants the SWAT Kats to look bad." 

prepared.wav "We're prepared for anything we might find down there." 

rogertht.wav "Roger that. Heading back to headquarters."

Commmander Ulysses Feral

allover.wav "You can open your eyes, now, Mayor. It's all over." 

arrest.wav "You're all under arrest."

backup.wav "This is Feral! Bring me chopper backup!" 

backup2.wav "Ooh... this is Feral... bring me more chopper backup...." 

brick.wav "It's back to the brick litterbox for you." 

dealscum.wav "I don't deal with scum."

diduhave.wav "Did you have to let a member of the press disappear in front of two million viewers?" 

engage.wav "Squadron! Engage!"

goodluck.wav "Good luck." 

handle.wav "The Enforcers will handle this!" 

intercpt.wav "Choppers, intercept!"

movein.wav "Enforcers... move in!"

notgoing.wav "They're not going anywhere!"

obsolete.wav "My Enforcers can handle anything! And that new jet is going to make the SWAT Kats... obsolete."

orders.wav "I give the orders around here."

relax.wav "Relax, Mayor. The Enforcers will handle this." (helicopter noise) 

runhide.wav "You can run, but you can't hide, SWAT Kats! If it's the last thing I do, I swear to bring those kats to justice!" (this one has cool music) 

sayanyth.wav "You lying kats will say anything to save your stinking tails!" 

scum.wav "I don't take orders from criminal scum." 

slammer.wav "You're going to be spending the rest of your nine lives in the slammer! Get 'em outta here!"

thrownet.wav "Throw a net over that guy!" 

vigilnts.wav "The SWAT Kats are dangerous vigilantes!"

womasks.wav "I'd still like to see you two without your masks."

Generic Enforcers 

fire.wav "Fire!" (pow, pow, roar) 

lasers.wav (rapid laser fire)

mummies.wav "This is unit one in mountain sector, requesting backup. We've got giant mummies! Armed and dangerous!" (zap) 

rights.wav One: "Do we read these things their rights?" Two: "You have the right to remain buried!" (laser fire) 

enfroger.wav "Roger."

Warden Cyrus Meece

gems.wav "I use prisoners to mine the nearby mountain range for precious gems, heh heh."

Lieutenant Feral/Commander Feral

waiting.wav Feral: "This time, you're luck's run out, SWAT Kats. I've been waiting a long time for this... cuff 'em, Felina." Felina: "My pleasure."

Generic Enforcers/Commander Feral 

really.wav Feral: "I'm surprised those meddling SWAT Kats aren't here." Enforcer: "They got taken out early, sir." Feral: "Really...."

Good Guy in Space

[Captain Grimalken]

Captain Grimalken

combat.wav "We would help, but combat is not our way, warrior."

stole.wav "This ship really belongs to me and my crew, but Mutilor and his space pirates stole it and imprisoned us."

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