[Dr. Greenbox] [Dr. Zyme] [Professor Hackle] [Islander] [Dr. Synian] [Mr. Young]

Dr. Leiter Greenbox

gk6000mm.wav "You mean, thanks to my GemKat 6000 Mining Machine." 

helpyou.wav "Wait, I can help you." 

surround.wav "Don't you fools understand? I created Zed! My very genius surrounds us! I won't let you destroy it!"

Dr. N. Zyme

giantbac.wav "They appear to be giant bacteria...." (Contributed by KahShannoc@aol.com)

vipermut.wav "Viper Mutagen 368 will be able to restore forests that have been burned to the ground. Devastated fields of crops will grow again, feeding millions!" (Contributed by KahShannoc@aol.com)

Professor Hackle

glitches.wav "It may have a few minor glitches."


whatever.wav "Whatever happens next will be on your heads!"

Dr. Abby Synian

indanger.wav "We're all still in danger." 

megasaur.wav "It's a megasaurus rex!" 

museum.wav "It will make a fine addition to the museum."

noanswer.wav "I don't have an answer for that one yet." 

quickly.wav "Quickly! Now's our chance to get away!" 

supernat.wav "How the Red Lynx came back to life is a mystery to me, Callie. It's positively supernatural." 

warn.wav "Get to the radio! We've got to warn the authorities!"

Mr. Young 

plenty.wav "There's plenty of room for an adjoining golf course!"

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