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Theme Songs, etc

[Theme Songs, etc]


[Briggs/Shard] [Briggs/Dr. Sinian] [Dark Kat/Razor] [Dark SWAT Kats/SWAT Kats]

[Dr. Viper/Dr. Zyme] [Dr. Viper/Morbulus] [Lt.Feral/Cmdr. Feral/T-Bone]

[Lt. Feral/T-Bone] [Cmdr. Feral/Razor/T-Bone] [Cmdr. Feral/T-Bone] [Greenbox/Molly]

[Greenbox/T-Bone] [Hackle/Razor/T-Bone] [Randall/Dr. Sinian]

Callie Briggs/Rex Shard 

setting.wav Shard: "Why are you running? I thought diamonds were a girl's best friend!" Callie: "I don't like the setting!"

Callie Briggs/Dr. Sinian

goodheav.wav Dr. Sinian: "Oh good heavens! One of the exhibits has fallen!" (roar) Callie: "One of the exhibits is alive!" 

musthave.wav Dr. Sinian: "Only a sorcerer's dark power could have brought these ancient bones to life. It must have been the Pastmaster." Callie: "If you mean that weird little guy in the hood, why don't you just ask him?"

Dark Kat/Razor 

forget.wav Dark Kat: "Or have you forgotten... that Feral has put a price on your heads!" Razor:" Well... who could forget something like that?"

Dark SWAT Kats/SWAT Kats

spotted.wav Evil Razor: "Did you find them yet?" T-Bone: "Them? I thought there was only one mega-detonator." Evil Razor: "I meant the imposters, stupid." T-Bone: "Yeah, I think I just spotted one." (pow) 

yourenot.wav Razor: "You're not T-Bone!" Evil T-Bone: "Yes I am, but not the one you think! I don't know what your game is, but it's up, as of now!"

Dr. Viper/Dr. Zyme

doctorv.wav Dr. N. Zyme: "Wh-who's there? Is that..is that you, Purvis..?" Dr. Viper: "Not anymore! Just call me Viper! Dr. Viper!" (evil laugh) (Contributed by KahShannoc@aol.com)

Dr. Viper/Morbulus

bigplans.wav Dr. Viper: "I have big plans for you! With your help, I'll have Katalyst 99, and the power to destroy Megakat City!" Morbulus: (makes monster noises.) (Contributed by KahShannoc@aol.com)

secretla.wav Morbulus: "So, this is the secret lab of the legendary Dr. Viper." Dr. Viper: "Quite an eyeful, isn't it Morbulus..?" (Contributed by KahShannoc@aol.com)

Lieutenant Feral/Commander Feral/T-Bone

no.wav Feral: "Felina! No!" T-Bone: "Didn't I just hear your uncle tell you no?" Felina: "I don't take no for an answer!"

Lieutenant Feral/T-Bone

no2.wav Felina: "I don't take no for an answer, remember?" T-Bone: "Now that you mention it... yeah." 

party.wav "Sorry I took so long, I'm not used to flying a saucer. Did I miss the party?" T-Bone: "Nope, it's just gettin' warmed up! Heeyah!" (karate noise)

Commander Feral/Razor/T-Bone

prune.wav T-Bone: "Hey, Commander. What are you doing out in this storm? Looking for a donut shop?" Feral: "What the--" (SKs laugh) Razor: "Didja forget to shave this morning, Commander?" (more laughing) Feral: "Rrr! I don't know how you can see me, but get off my frequency, you clowns! This band is for Enforcer business only!" (SKs do a flyby) Feral: "Oo, you hotshot jerks! One of these days, I'm going to--" Razor: "What a grouch." T-Bone: "Why don't you get yourself a nice prune donut?" Razor: "Yeah, that ought to relax you." T-Bone: "Let's head home, buddy." 

* I'll chop this one up if you want just a part of it, and not the whole thing.

whatdou.wav Feral: "What do you think I am, stupid?" Razor/T-Bone: "Bingo."

Commander Feral/T-Bone

changed.wav Feral: "I suppose you're responsible for all--" T-Bone: "Hey, don't try to pin this one on us!" Feral: "Actually, I was thinking about thanking you... but I've changed my mind."

Dr. Lieter Greenbox/Molly Metallikat

contamin.wav Greenbox: "My device's programming was contaminated with their criminal personalities." Molly: "Contaminated?!"

Dr. Greenbox/T-Bone

spanking.wav Greenbox: "Though in computer terms, he's still just a child, you know." T-Bone: "Yeah, and we're going to give it a good spanking."

Professor Hackle/Razor/T-Bone

cybertrn.wav Hackle: "For months, I've been working on a way to say thank you for all the trouble my Metallikats have put you through. SWAT Kats, meet Cybertron." Razor: "Wow...." T-Bone: "What the?" Hackle: "It's a one-of-a-kind robot prototype." (beeps) Razor: "Cool."

Randall/Dr. Sinian

storm.wav Randall: "I've never seen a storm like this, Dr. Sinian!" Dr. Sinian: "I have, Randall! And it's no ordinary storm! It's a time vortex! Which means... the Pastmaster!"

Theme Songs, etc

[Theme Songs, etc]

Theme Songs, etc

2ssnthem.wav Second-season version of the theme song. (No dinosaurs.)

endtheme.wav A 5-second bit of the theme song (played when they show the episode title.)

snesthem.wav Theme song as heard on the SNES video game.

swatthem.mp3 Theme song in mp-3 format. (season 2) mono?

swatkats.mp3 Theme song in mp-3 format. (season 1) stereo?

beep.wav A SWAT Kats beeping noise.

files.wav  A voice saying, "You have accessed the secret files of the SWAT Kats."

takeoff.wav  The Turbokat taking off.

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