MKC Officials

[Callie Briggs] [Mayor Manx]

Deputy Mayor Callico "Callie" Briggs

bttrcall.wav "I'd better call the SWAT Kats...." 

saturday.wav "Saturday is usually my morning to sleep in." 

speechcb.wav "And if re-elected, I, Mayor Manx, promise to dedicate myself to serving Megakat City. (yawn) I wish he'd dedicate himself to writing his own speeches... Y'see, there's a long tradition of courage and bravery in the Manx family, which is why I am proud to christen this new jet 'The Blue Manx', in honor of my great-grandfather...? Ah!" 

swatkats.wav "The SWAT Kats!" 

toolate.wav "Too little, too late, Feral! 

trouble.wav "He's in big trouble!" 

whatwas.wav (crash) "What was that?"

Mayor Manx 

complica.wav "Eh, looks complicated." 

freepub.wav "Now smile, Mr. Young, we're going to get some free publici-tay!"

gibbersh.wav (Manx gibbering in fear)

handleit.wav "Trouble? Um, the deputy mayor's my favorite troubleshooter, she can handle it, heh heh... handle it, Callie." 

igivethe.wav "I give the orders around here, Feral, and you're not going to blow up my city hall until I know who we're dealing with, and what he wants!"

mystreet.wav "Yeach.... It's all over... my street!" 

mytourn.wav "If nobody minds, I'll be taking that shot over... it is my tournament, after all." 

speechmm.wav "There's a long tradition of courage and bravery in the Manx family, which is why... hy... hy... augh... aaaa!" 

teeoff.wav "After all, the faster we begin, the faster we can tee off!"

demon.wav "Haaalp! The demon's destroying my cee-tay!"

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